How to Perfectly Uninstall Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3)

Sometimes, uninstalling programs from a computer is a very tough mission, because quite often bundled uninstallers can leave behind files and registry keys which are now useless and take up space or interfere with other programs still on your computer. The same things happen when you uninstall Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3).
Up until recently, the only choice computer users really had to get rid of Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3) from their computer was to either use Window's standards built-in add/remove utility or to use a program's uninstall app. The problem is that for some reason Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3) usually does not respond to Window's add/remove utility and do not offer an option to uninstall it from the hard drive.
Another problem many face is even if the add/remove utility works to uninstall Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3); it sometimes does not completely remove files and folders associated with it. This can cause a computer to run sluggishly or crash frequently.
A better option for uninstalling Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3) plus any others that you no longer need or want on your computer is to purchase a program that specializes in uninstalling any unwanted program. An example of this type of programs is an uninstall Tool. The uninstall tool is basically enhanced versions of the Windows add/remove utility. It is often faster, easier and more effective to uninstall Total PC Defender 2010 and other programs than using Window's built in solution.
Enter the uninstall Tool. This program helps get rid of Adobe Reader X (v9/v10.1.3) and cleans up after it in minutes.
First, it runs the uninstall process bundled with the program as normal.
Second, it scans your registry for any left-over values and gives you the option to delete them. Make sure you double check what is listed before deleting anything. If you are unsure of whether or not your machine will become unstable if the value is deleted, leave it alone.
Finally, it does a similar scan for left-over files, and then supplies a similar window for deleting them.

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